The process of consciousness awakening from its identification with form can be likened to an alarm clock going off in the morning. Perhaps you can sleep straight through the first 2 or 3 minutes of the buzzing, and the noise even incorporates itself into your dream. After 5 minutes or so you wake up but are still in such a drowsy state that you try to ignore the sound or even delay getting up by hitting the snooze. However, another 5 minutes will undoubtedly pass and you will be forced to wake up again, this time with accumulated stress, feeling like you are greatly resisting the process, the process you instituted in the first place.

Some human beings are exceptionally deep sleepers, so when the alarms of tsunamis, global financial debacle, wretched health, and senseless wars start going off, they don’t wake up immediately. Their compulsion to sleep is so strong within them that the insanity of such circumstances is not visible at all.

Other human beings recognize an alarm when it goes off, and promptly realize they were dreaming and are now in the wakeful state. But many do not want to get up and out of bed yet. It’s as though sleep is all they have ever known, and so they hit the snooze and fall back asleep. Or they may simply lie there becoming increasingly agitated by the buzzing sound infiltrating their attempts to fall back asleep.

However one can only tolerate so much annoyance and agitation and dread until they recognize that they can not be comfortable until they get up and out of bed.

This is what is happening now on our planet, in the consciousness of human beings. The alarm is getting so bloody loud that many people no longer feel greater comfort in sleep than in the idea of simply getting out of bed, shutting off the alarms, and ending all this madness. Consciousness is now coming to a mass tipping point where it is willing to risk mostly all it has ever know in favour of an unknown world. Something deep inside us sees the current challenges we face and know that there must be a better, healthier way of existence. This is the movement. And you are part of it.

Interestingly enough, those who are more prone to wake up or have already awakened are no different than those still sleeping in their essence. Every person on our planet represents an aspect of consciousness, with a split opinion to stay comfortably asleep or arise from the nightmare. These two movements exist in varying degrees in most individuals, and for millennia the call to sleep has remained thoroughly dominant. However in this time we find ourselves, that balance is being greatly shifted and is reaching critical mass in favour of a free consciousness uprising.

This process can not be stopped. It is in every way the desire of the universe, a power so great that all else is rendered subservient to it. Yes, there are dark aspects to this consciousness that are strongly identified with an illusion of separation within the world of forms, however these aspects grow increasingly weaker by the day, as they have fewer and fewer people to rally in service of their cause. This is the reason why things must get worse. Things necessarily must get so bad in order for the mind made sense of self to continue its life. Running a mildly exploitative business with several hundred employees is no longer satisfying the unconscious requisite of sleepy people. They now need violent bloodshed and complete abuse over nature and her inhabitants. These kinds of activities become the only ones that satisfy, like a drug addict reaching for a greater high. And so things will continue to get worse until more people who were previously participating in the perpetuation of unconscious activities become so entrenched and aware of their suffering that they will spontaneously come out of their dream state. By undergoing this shift the planet recruits new members to be used in service of its higher evolutionary purpose.

Of course there is nothing to be afraid of in this process. Its acceleration is as undeniable as the laws of gravity. This new direction is vitally alive and intelligent and thus has the full capability to transform challenges into catalysts in service of its mission through the vehicle of the human being. That’s why we are here, to allow ourselves to consciously be used by the movements of life itself. The one life that underlies everything, every form and inextricably connects you to every other being on the planet is calling to you. And its song is becoming more and more irresistibly sweet to the burdened unconscious mind.