Love in the storm

You can shine your bucket

You can plate it in gold

You can fight with all your might

But the storm will come

The storm still comes

You can negotiate the winds

Use all your expertise

Throw everything overboard

But the storm still comes

There is nothing you can do

Because what is required doesn’t need your hands but your heart

Your silent agreement

Your yes to death and pain and loss

And the great eye will see your hands raised to the sky

Its own hands that came from the same nothing as the storm

And smile

And then it may decide to calm

In its own good time

And send you to shore on its mighty wave

You can’t change the storm

You can only change yourself

And then you see that the nightmare was never out there

But in you

And you will look back and laugh

Because the storm was the gift containing your joy

And you will be grateful as you watch from the shore

As your brother believes he is drowning

For his greatest blessing is yet to come


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