The Deep End

Swimming in the shallow end

You have to stay crouched to stay warm

Only children can submerge themselves


The water level shrinking by half a foot leaves you freezing

And water rising makes you happy

The tide matters so much


It’s muscles too weak to swim,

A child stays with its mother in the shallow end

And needs water wings

It is dependent


Death and freedom are represented by the same symbol

The deep end

We yearn to swim where we may drown


So we may stay with our feet firmly planted on the ground

our bodies becoming frail from inactivity

in the crowded pool of water

of course we do not want to die


Or we may take a step toward the deep end

Not splashing water at others along the way to propel ourselves forward

Don’t make the pool more shallow for all

Help others paddle along the way


Let your feet rise up

And your shoulders sink

And find the life beyond death

And yell it back to the shallow end


Whether the water rises or falls

You remain fully in the water

Happy with whatever comes


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