Maybe I’ll be rich
Give it all away
Maybe I’ll see the world
Or maybe I will stay

Maybe I’ll be famous
No moments of privacy
Or maybe I’ll be silent
Steeped in anonymity

Maybe I’ll be a lover
Casanova would have to blush
Or a hermit in the mountains
And not make such a fuss

Would Solomon be jealous?
Where my palace place resides
Or maybe the streets will love me
And together we will hide

Will I love the people?
Treat them as my own
Or will I leave them hungry
With food spoiling in my home

I don’t know where I’m going
So surely I won’t arrive
And far from being bothered
I can see I’m more alive

I am here for the reason
And this all beings share
I surrender all that happens
So I live without a care




Your Purpose

Goal setting is extremely popular. Especially in the personal development field

It’s no surprise why. Goals are tools we use to envision a better future for ourselves. We use them to imagine how we may creatively expand our contribution. We use them in an effort to add some content to our lives, like a new car or a beautiful new home.

There’s nothing wrong with setting goals. In fact, it’s wonderful to have goals to strive for. For many people, this brings meaning to their lives and focuses their efforts in what they do.

It’s how we set goals that is problematic. And it’s how we set goals that drastically reduces the power available to us.

I’d like to suggest you try a different approach. And that is seeing yourself as a microcosm of the universe, and inextricably linked to its purposes.

So ask yourself, “What is the purpose of the Universe? As part of the universe, would it not be intelligent to align my goals with its goals?”

Reflect on this for a minute.

The purpose of the Universe is to awaken to its true nature as formless consciousness. And therefore it is your purpose to awaken to your nature as formless consciousness. If you have found this post, there’s a great chance that the awakening process has already begun and is perhaps well underway in you.

What does it mean to awaken to your nature as this consciousness? It means to no longer believe that you are the content of your mind. It means that you recognize nothing in the past reduced who you are in your essence, and similarly nothing in the future can make you more fully yourself. It is the realization that you already are complete and whole, just as you are. It is the recognition of presence as the underlying constant factor that has been with you throughout your entire life.

A true and worthwhile goal expands upon this concept and is aligned with the impulse of the universe.

The universe doesn’t care about a Ferrari, a million dollars, or a mansion. Beautiful things are not inherently evil, but let’s face it: They’re just not that important!

The universe cares about its ultimate purpose to awaken in and through humanity. Money and things may come to you as you make your journey about life as they are needed for your purpose. Or perhaps you are living fully in alignment with the Universe and these things are no longer a hindrance for you. No longer a distraction, and so you may have them.

Make your primary goal the awakening of others through you. This goal makes the entire and infinite power of life available to you because your goals is aligned with the universe’s goal. Use this power!

There’s a reason why you’ve had trouble manifesting more money and nicer things and a hotter partner. It’s because these things don’t matter. You already have exactly what you need to begin to contribute to the overall purpose of the Universe.

Recently I was intending to contribute in some form to humanity. I didn’t have a specific idea of how this should take shape. I just wanted to give in some way. Literally 10 minutes later I got a call from a local charity asking if I had any old clothes that I could donate to those in need. I was ecstatically grateful for this experience. This may sound small or insignificant to some, but it affirmed to me how much easier it is to manifest when we seek to do so for the greater good.

When we operate out of the heartset that the greater good is the most important thing, we then have the power of the greater good available to us. We don’t create enemies or opposing forces with these intentions, because the majority wants us to succeed. That’s not to say that some people may think this talk is silly, but we’re not directly opposing them, and so there can be no conflict. Even people who don’t have a greater good mentality, which is the majority of humans, will easily step aside because actions aimed for the greater good don’t catch their attention. There is no ego in such actions, and so it becomes like an invisible force. But a force of untold power nonetheless!

The way in which this focus manifests is secondary. By keeping your intention on the greater good, which is always awakening and staying awake, divine intelligence will pervade and inspire your thoughts so that you will know definitely what to do. The best part is, you won’t be missing anything in your current life situation to begin to contribute now. You could be homeless with absolutely nothing on the material level, and if this was your mindset, your life would transform so unbelievably fast that it would look supernatural to those around you.

You may emit an overwhelming sense of peace as you work at a grocery store. You may begin to write for others. Or you may come clean about past wrongs you have committed, and thus detach yourself from unconscious patterns present in your life.

You may stay in the same job, although it is highly likely life will move you to a new place or situation in which you may make a greater contribution aligned with your new focus. It is worth repeating again : Don’t worry what your outer purpose will be or how you will accomplish any goal. For no goal is too great when it is backed by universal intelligence. And the reason it will be backed by great intelligence is because your goals will be aligned with the purpose of the universe.

This is a process of joining forces with the power that created the cosmos, the infinite complexity of the human body, and the beauty of the ocean at sunset. You will no longer be a separate entity with separate ideas about what’s good for you and what you “need.”

The truth is, you already have what you need. As the Tao Te Ching says “When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” What does it mean for the whole world to belong to you? It means that you are one with all life. And so you live harmoniously and peacefully with the whole.

Begin to set goals that are aimed with everyone in mind. Everyone benefits from you working to awaken others, because when any of us awaken to our true nature, the balance is changed in favor of greater consciousness on this planet. Not everyone benefits from you striving and stressing to get rich in the erroneous attempt to make yourself free in the future.

Living this way is the path to great peace, joy, and happiness. It is the redemption of our planet. I recommend taking some time today to write out some new goals for yourself. If you don’t know what specific outer action you want to take yet, that is completely fine. Simply write out the intention, “I want my life to be used in service of the greater good. I understand that the Universe wants to awaken to its formless nature, so I intend that I may experience awakening and help facilitate the awakening in others along my journey.”

The concept of awakening and knowing yourself as consciousness itself is impossible to understand, because it is not something that can be understood on the level of thought. It can only be felt and known on the level of non conceptual awareness. This does not mean, however, that you can not begin to contribute to the awakening process in yourself and others.

When you show kindness to a stranger, you both feel good. Why is that? It’s because for a moment you remove the barrier of otherness between you and them and you recognize a deeper connection with them. You may not know it, but it’s the shared recognition of oneness that makes you feel good.

You can stop trying to be better than others. And you can also stop believing you are inferior to anyone. No one is better than you because they have a nicer body or a bigger bank account. They simply have a life situation perceived to be better but is just the differentiation of form that is needed for our planet to awaken. We need each and every one of us to do exactly what we’re doing now so that we may come to the realization of who we really are.

Also, do not be tempted to think that you are somehow better than an alcoholic, a drug addict, or even a murderer. These people do things highly destructive to themselves and to others, but that’s only because they’re highly confused. And if you were born into their life situation, you too would be carrying out the acts that you now condemn as horrific.

We are all equal. It is the function of those who have crossed the line to greater awareness to share their experience with those who have not yet awakened. Just as it is true duty of the rich to give to the poor. This does not mean that having more money or greater awareness makes one inherently better, for it is only by the grace of God that any of us find ourselves in a situation where we even can share the wealth we have.

Let your heart be filled with gratitude, and let that feeling spill over into your life so that you may align your intentions, goals, and actions with the good of all.


The process of consciousness awakening from its identification with form can be likened to an alarm clock going off in the morning. Perhaps you can sleep straight through the first 2 or 3 minutes of the buzzing, and the noise even incorporates itself into your dream. After 5 minutes or so you wake up but are still in such a drowsy state that you try to ignore the sound or even delay getting up by hitting the snooze. However, another 5 minutes will undoubtedly pass and you will be forced to wake up again, this time with accumulated stress, feeling like you are greatly resisting the process, the process you instituted in the first place.

Some human beings are exceptionally deep sleepers, so when the alarms of tsunamis, global financial debacle, wretched health, and senseless wars start going off, they don’t wake up immediately. Their compulsion to sleep is so strong within them that the insanity of such circumstances is not visible at all.

Other human beings recognize an alarm when it goes off, and promptly realize they were dreaming and are now in the wakeful state. But many do not want to get up and out of bed yet. It’s as though sleep is all they have ever known, and so they hit the snooze and fall back asleep. Or they may simply lie there becoming increasingly agitated by the buzzing sound infiltrating their attempts to fall back asleep.

However one can only tolerate so much annoyance and agitation and dread until they recognize that they can not be comfortable until they get up and out of bed.

This is what is happening now on our planet, in the consciousness of human beings. The alarm is getting so bloody loud that many people no longer feel greater comfort in sleep than in the idea of simply getting out of bed, shutting off the alarms, and ending all this madness. Consciousness is now coming to a mass tipping point where it is willing to risk mostly all it has ever know in favour of an unknown world. Something deep inside us sees the current challenges we face and know that there must be a better, healthier way of existence. This is the movement. And you are part of it.

Interestingly enough, those who are more prone to wake up or have already awakened are no different than those still sleeping in their essence. Every person on our planet represents an aspect of consciousness, with a split opinion to stay comfortably asleep or arise from the nightmare. These two movements exist in varying degrees in most individuals, and for millennia the call to sleep has remained thoroughly dominant. However in this time we find ourselves, that balance is being greatly shifted and is reaching critical mass in favour of a free consciousness uprising.

This process can not be stopped. It is in every way the desire of the universe, a power so great that all else is rendered subservient to it. Yes, there are dark aspects to this consciousness that are strongly identified with an illusion of separation within the world of forms, however these aspects grow increasingly weaker by the day, as they have fewer and fewer people to rally in service of their cause. This is the reason why things must get worse. Things necessarily must get so bad in order for the mind made sense of self to continue its life. Running a mildly exploitative business with several hundred employees is no longer satisfying the unconscious requisite of sleepy people. They now need violent bloodshed and complete abuse over nature and her inhabitants. These kinds of activities become the only ones that satisfy, like a drug addict reaching for a greater high. And so things will continue to get worse until more people who were previously participating in the perpetuation of unconscious activities become so entrenched and aware of their suffering that they will spontaneously come out of their dream state. By undergoing this shift the planet recruits new members to be used in service of its higher evolutionary purpose.

Of course there is nothing to be afraid of in this process. Its acceleration is as undeniable as the laws of gravity. This new direction is vitally alive and intelligent and thus has the full capability to transform challenges into catalysts in service of its mission through the vehicle of the human being. That’s why we are here, to allow ourselves to consciously be used by the movements of life itself. The one life that underlies everything, every form and inextricably connects you to every other being on the planet is calling to you. And its song is becoming more and more irresistibly sweet to the burdened unconscious mind.


When I first saw this it was if the colour of the room changed

I watched the giant snowflakes dance down the grey sky they were born in

Travelling for miles to fall in their perfect place

I kissed the window


You were my greatest love before I knew your name

Or had seen lines of your face

The fullness of your lips

Before I had searched the endless well of our love

Trying to find how much I love you

And never seeing the end

My love for you rests in infinity with the heart of life

Before I had witnessed my legs tremble under the weight of your smile

Or this square in my chest fly like a falcon racing home

To where it belongs

Before I called you baby

Watching fate intertwine to place your soft hands in mine

Like love has been waiting for us for all of existence

Like we place the strings on the harp of life’s soul and the most beautiful music is played

We are that song

And we dance to it like lovers blissfully lost in themselves and all of eternity

And we’ve forgotten our names and our shapes

And dissolved together into the same

All barriers broken

My love unrestrained like wild horses

I sing for you when I walk with the trees

Knowing that you hear me from across the pond

And the ripples and waves carry my heart for you to drink

Oh Woman, all that you are

Do you even know?

Does the summer rose know the perfection of its petals?

Does the sun know it sustains all of life?

Or the swan ever catch a reflection of its wondrous being in the silver lake?

I could write about you for days and not say anything about who you really are

Because you are that vast

And my love for you vaster

Your form like God fashioned himself a lover

And spared no detail

And put off everything until you were done saying “No, it can wait”

No matter how much I have, I always want more of you

The insatiable desire that pervades all things

But this love can’t be bought or bullied with shame or envy or fear

Perfect Love

With no use for anyone else’s opinion

Existing and sufficient unto itself


You can take nothing away from me

Nor do you have goods that tempt my desire

The only harm you can do me is when I believe you’ve hurt me

And thus I’ve done it to myself

And while you create tornadoes and fume about

I shall sit here with myself



And treat you as the friend and brother you are

Though you call me your sworn enemy and bring soldiers into my lands

We have no army and I will come for you on a white stallion

With wine and bread in my satchel

And a smile on my face

And watch as you taunt me

Laugh with your battallion at my simple clothes

My small horse

My torn satchel

And I will feel the hurt rise up my chest and into my throat

But I will trap it there

And take a deep breath and so swallow it with the source of all things

And I will smile at you again

I will love you more than before

I will watch as you draw your sword from your belt and up across your velvet robe

And descend from your magnificent beast

While cheered by one of the crowds present

And mine will stay hidden and say nothing

Still smiling

Knowing it could be no other way

And as the grass submits to your mighty stomp I find you next to me

Black leather glove gripping the sword’s handle like Arthur

The assuredness of Alexander beaming from your beautiful face

And I will resist the urge to close my eyes or seek refuge from my imminent parting

But instead look at you square with the subtle power of Marcus

And meet your looming mind with the quiet head of Aristotle

I will watch the sun get caught in the blade and it will sting my sight

And I will laugh the most perfect laughter

I can already hear the Gods calling my name, awaiting my return

Still smiling

I will watch your face turn and your entire being drain from your upright corpse

And you fall to the ground on your knees

And I will meet you there

I will call you beautiful